RV Travel Tips For Families

RV traveling is one fantastic way to bring the family close together while experiencing the fun, excitement, and freedom that only a long road trip can provide. There are many new places to experience and sights to see; however, an RV trip can last days or even weeks. And when an entire family is cooped up in a small space for that amount of time, people’s moods can begin to shift to the point of being ugly, especially when there are children on board. For parents who are preparing to take their entire family on an RV trip, there are a few tips that can prove invaluable.

Prepare for Health Emergencies

Most people who are planning an RV trip do not intend to “wing it.” Instead, they plot out their course on a map and create a detailed travel itinerary, especially when trying to reach their destination in a specific amount of time. Medical emergencies can happen anywhere and when parents are traveling with their children, they need to plan ahead.

The best way to not get caught off-guard is to gather information regarding all of the hospitals and urgent care centers on the travel route as well as to contact the child’s health insurer in order to find out what is covered while out-of-state. And of course, packing a emergency medical kit is always a smart idea. Simple supplies such as band-aids of all sizes, antibiotic creams, gauze, and over the counter medications can be useful for minor emergencies in the RV.

Fun RV Activities for Children

One bored child can quickly spread their crankiness to the entire family. However, combating this is as simple as providing the children with interesting activities they normally do not engage in at home. One fantastic idea is to provide each child with a disposable camera and encourage them to take pictures of anything intriguing they see. After the family returns home, parents can get the film developed and then make a night out of sharing one another’s pictures and the stories behind them.

Parents should bring along plenty of fun travel games to keep everyone entertained. Easy to play games such as playing cards, checkers, activity books, and coloring books can keep kids occupied when riding long distances. Older children may even enjoy using the travel time to learn or practice simple handicrafts. Knitting, crochet, and hand sewing can keep them occupied for long stretches of time.

Keep Kids Comfortable in the RV

Although packing activities and medical supplies is important, bringing along items that contribute to all of the passengers’ comfort levels is important too. Items to pack can include personal, battery-operated fans, soft blankets, travel pillows, window shades, and stuffed animals for young children. Comfort is especially key with RV traveling with toddlers.

Packing snacks will also help the comfort level of kids in the RV. Healthy, simple snacks such as fruit and granola will keep away hunger that can cause grumpiness.

When traveling with young children, making frequent stops to allow them to move around and burn energy will also greatly help their comfort level. Kids need to be active far more than adults do, and can become very upset when movement is hindered. Plan stops in areas where kids can run and play unhindered, such as public parks and playgrounds.

Parents need to remember these few simple things about taking their children along on an RV trip. Be prepared for any health emergencies that may arise, and those moments of boredom on the open road. With a few comfort items and healthy snacks also, taking kids on an RV adventure can be an amazing family vacation.

Travelling with Toddlers?

Toddlers are funny, curious, and interesting. Although they are great at finding activities to keep them occupied, their attention span lasts for no more than five minutes on any single game, toy, or activity. Usually this poses no problem when trying to keep them busy and happy while at home but when parents decide to drive an RV on a long road trip, their cute, little toddler can become a huge nightmare.

Toddlers Need Frequent Stops

Just as with older children and adults, toddlers and younger children can become bored being in a confined space for hours on end. The difference between adults and toddlers is that adults do not have meltdowns when they have reached the limits of their patience. Making a short stop every hour or so is ideal at combating whining and boredom.

Pack an RV Emergency Fun Kit

Pack a bag full of cheap toys purchased before the RV trip the he has never seen before and pull them out whenever he or she becomes inconsolable. A few ideas for an emergency fun kit include Matchbox cars, a stuffed animal, a colorful book, and any toy that makes noise.

Some parents might buy needs toys that their toddler has not played with before for the fun kit. A variety of new toys is often more exciting than the same old toys and may hold their attention longer.

Toddler’s Favorite Movies and Music

A lot of RVs come equipped with a television and DVD player. Bringing along movies starring a toddler’s favorite characters can provide hours of entertainment. If the RV does not have a DVD player, buying or borrowing one from a neighbor will do the trick.

When nothing else seems to calm a toddler, sometimes music can help. Many toddlers already show a preference towards certain styles of music. It is easy and fairly inexpensive to use a computer for compiling various music selections to a CD.

Pack Plenty of RV Travel Snacks

Do not underestimate the power of comfort food. It is not a good idea to wait until a scheduled eating stop to finally feed a toddler; hungry toddlers are cranky toddlers. Pack a cooler full of fruit juice and various snacks that he or she likes. Keeping a toddler as close to their eating schedule as possible is one great way to ensure the RV trip goes as smoothly as possible.

Toddlers Need Comfort Objects

It is perfectly normal for babies and toddlers to have a security object that brings them comfort. An RV trip is a new experience for a wide-eyed toddler. But bringing along their comfort object to help them feel more secure in their new surroundings can possible prevent meltdowns before they happen.

Space is limited in an RV, so parents may want to limit the comfort items to something small and easily stored. A favorite blanket or small stuffed animal is a good comfort object for toddlers to bring along. A photo of a family member is another good object to bring along that comforts some toddlers and will not take up much space in the RV.

Toddlers Need to Follow Rituals

Whether at home or across the country, bedtime is still bedtime for a toddler. This is why it is important to follow the same bedtime rituals with which they are familiar, such as singing songs or reading books. Having the familiar in an unfamiliar environment is soothing to any toddler. When the special needs of toddlers are taken into consideration, RV traveling can be fun and exciting. Parents need to remember the simple things that young children need.

Recreational Vehicles for Families

There are many different types of recreational vehicles available for families. The choices available include tent trailers, truck campers, hybrid trailers, campervans, trailers and motorhomes. Smaller families will likely find a choice in any of the categories that will fit them well, while larger families will have a somewhat smaller selection of appropriate vehicles, depending on their numbers and preferences

Families with more than two children, and particularly those with more than three children, will see their choice of alternatives narrow to only a few. In general, only tent trailers, hybrid trailers, and trailers with bunks will accommodate four or more children. Depending on the family’s tow vehicle, they may effectively have only “tent trailers” as an available option, as the other two options will generally require more towing capacity than a family car or minivan can provide.