RV Camping in Washington State Among the Evergreens

Washington is aptly known as the Evergreen State. Beautiful tall majestic pines carpet most of the western half of this photogenic state – and beckon to be camped under. Umm, I can smell their sweet fragrance now! Washington has a lot more to offer besides her trees however, for beneath those evergreen boughs, nature has worked her wondrous way. Want to camp by a cold clear lake, stream or river? It is here! Want to camp in a rainforest or on a glacier-capped mountain? That’s here too! Or, do you prefer camping near the ocean or sound—or how about a rugged cliff overlooking a strait? Yep, it’s all here in Washington. Nowhere have I found better camping or better camping facilities! (And, even though my wife is from this great state, I’m not a bit prejudiced. Honest!)

The Northern Cascades

My wife and I have camped in National, State and County Parks and private campgrounds all across Washington, and none have disappointed. Many have left us with great memories that will last a lifetime. Rockport State Park is one of these and our favorite. Washington Greenery It is located about 100 miles north of Seattle, on state highway 20, in the Northern Cascade Mountains. It provides full hook-ups, large level sites and gorgeous Douglas Fir with moss covered branches. When there, I feel as if I’m in another world! Rockport also has some excellent hiking trails, and the park is kept in tiptop shape. By taking short drives from the park, we were able to enjoy a lot of the area’s sights. The region’s small towns have funny sounding names (Sedro Wooley-Concrete-Birdview) and neat little shops to wander through. Who could ask for anything more?

The Olympic Peninsula

Out on the Olympic Peninsula, our choice has to be Salt Creek County Park, Clallum County. It is situated right on the Strait of Juan de Fuca and has easily navigated trails that lead down to the rocky shore. Salt Creek has luscious greenery and is a well-maintained park. There are nice campsites available for tents, RVs and motorhomes with a dump station near the park entrance. Deer play, at times, about the park’s open areas. Located near Joyce, WA., it is only about 15 miles west of Port Angeles and breath-taking Hurricane Ridge Drive in Olympic National Park. Lake Crescent is but a 10 mile drive southwest of the park. Salt Creek is a small park with big camping enjoyments. We love it there!

Central Washington

Who, tell me, would ever dream of camping in the Evergreen State and setting up camp in a K.O.A.? We would! Kampgrounds of America parks are not generally known as “natural settings” campgrounds, but the one in scenic Leavenworth, Washington (not Kansas) surely is.


The Leavenworth K.O.A. is right on the banks of the Wenatchee River, just off state highway 2 – surrounded by the magnificent Wenatchee National Forest. With the Northern Cascade Mountains as a backdrop, the K.O.A. has large grassy sites, lots of old growth pine and a friendly and helpful staff. We stayed here by happenstance, but plan on going back! The village of Leavenworth is modeled after a Bavarian community – complete with costumed shopkeepers, festivals and art displays. Leavenworth is a neat little town set smack in the middle of an outdoors wonderland. The K.O.A. is one of the nicest we have camped.

The Heart of the Northwest

Writing about the Great Northwest is like trying to tow a 27ft. Travel trailer with a V.W. bug! It’s just too vast a subject and necessitates a larger vehicle to convey it. I have only shared a few of our favorite campgrounds. The state of Washington is the heart and soul of this indescribably beautiful region.

No matter which kind of camping or outdoors recreation you prefer, you’ll find it in the Evergreen State. For campground and reservation information, the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission and Online Highways-Travel Guide to Washington are outstanding resources on the web. Check with the National Park Service for information on the state’s beautiful National Parks.