Motorhome Classes (A, B, B+, C) Explained

When it comes to camping today, it can be hard to leave the comforts of a comfortable bed, running water, and a kitchen behind – which is why more and more people are turning to motorhomes.

Not only do many motorhomes offer many of the comforts of home, but as a motorized unit, they allow you to travel to your heart’s content. The comfort provided is one of a fixed home, making it enjoyable to travel for weeks, or even to travel and live on the road, should such a change of lifestyle be desired. And with the increasing variety of motorhomes on the market, finding the right option for you increasingly becomes simply a matter of putting in the time to do your research.

And that’s where we come in. We’re here to help you with that research. First, you need to decide what kind of motorhome you need for your purposes, in which case it may be helpful to consider the four different classes of motorhomes: Class A, Class B, Class B+, and Class C.

Determining the class of motorhome best for you takes time and many factors to consider. First, take into consideration the desired lifestyle and travel style. Be realistic about what you specifically will want and need on the road with you, and how much time you are going to actually spend in the motorhome selected. Budget is another big factor. These motorhomes run from small to large and luxurious to spare, and their costs may reflect those sizes and amenities.

Unless your budget can be quite high, some motorhomes are simply going to be more than you can afford. Take into consideration the costs of maintenance, gas mileage, emergencies that may occur, and the investments you will have to put in for any upgrades you may desire to make.

Lastly, account for the amount of traveling you will do and the style of that traveling, whether it is for camping and placing your motorhome in one area at a time (in which case you will mostly use it as a base camp), or if you will be driving places (whether for scenery, views, or any other reason) one after the other. It all comes down to the comfort and the size desired, your budget, and your travel needs. When you have identified these factors, knowing the motorhome classes can come in handy, making your search less challenging.

Class A Motor Homes

Class A motorhomes are built on a heavy-duty bus chassis and are otherwise sometimes called a bus-type RV. Their sizes range from as short as 20 feet up to as long as 45 feet. Class A motorhomes are ideal for those seeking the comforts of a real home for longer periods of time while simultaneously being away from home. They can also include up to three or four slide outs, making them appear visually enormous. The larger size of these motorhomes, too, means that they can include more amenities, including providing substantial open interior space, as well as a quality, luxurious feel. For many of these motorhomes, the kitchen is fully set with a fridge, freezer, stove, oven, sink, and microwave.

The bathroom, too, is most often provided fully set, including a toilet, a sink, and a shower. Windows are often placed almost all around this type of motorhome, making it ideal for those seeking scenery views and a great amount of natural lighting. Storage is similarly available to a much greater extent compared to any other class of motorhomes and is available underneath the living area —just as you would find on a bus. These motorhomes are almost exclusively diesel rather than gas, allowing their large engines to provide more power and torque for the weight of this specific motorhome. Of course, this class of motorhomes has the lowest fuel efficiency rating of all classes as a result of that space and corresponding weight.

Check out some of our favorite Class A motorhomes below:

Berkshire XLT Diesel 45A – Class A

This particular Class A motorhome offers immense luxury. An extremely large kitchen comes fully equipped, including a large dinette and enormous storage pockets. It is all polished porcelain tile throughout the motorhome, with glossy hardwood cabinetry to complement the interior. The bathroom provided is amenity rich, and the sleeping quarters include a king-sized bed and a bunk bed, making it ideal for a family setting and even two to three kids.

A few pertinent specs:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 44,320 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 59,320 lbs
  • Freshwater tanks capacity: 103 gallons
  • Greywater tanks capacity: 66 gallons
  • Blackwater tanks capacity: 42 gallons
  • Fuel type: diesel.

Georgetown 3 series GT3 24W3 – Class A

This Class A motorhome is designed to perfection for those with an interest in a cozy feel while also offering plenty of space. The bright interior design, flush floor construction, and solid maple cabinetry all offer warmth. Incredibly open in spacing, with a full bathroom and a full set kitchen, the GT3 24W3 although a tad on the smaller side as far as class A motorhomes go is still equipped with everything needed. The dinette on this motorhome is astonishing, with a soft grey color scheme and lots of space, allowing seating of up to 8 people. Scenic views are incredibly available for those seeking them, as the windows provided let in a good amount for the perfect lighting. This motorhome is ideal for smaller families seeking comfort yet at the same time desire the luxury and extra space.

A few pertinent specs:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 16,000 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 23,000 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 50 gallons
  • Greywater tank capacity: 42 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 42 gallons

Jay Co Alante 31V 2019 – Class A

This model is a very uniquely styled motorhome. The interior is incredibly bright, with polished laminated floors that help it feel warm and homey. Dark wood cabinetry adds to the charm, and a large dinette and a kitchen that is fully set with surplus prep area only add to the appeal. TV hookup is available for the dinette as well as in the bedroom, where a queen-sized bed adds allure. A full bathroom is provided and there is an option of purchasing this Class A motorhome with an overhead bunk. Ideal for a family of 4, with some availability for storage and a pantry area, it is spacious without being overly large. This motorhome is luxurious without being over the top, providing the comfort and feel of a true home.

Pertinent specs are as follows:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 18,000 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 23,000 lbs
  • Freshwater capacity: 72 gallons
  • Greywater capacity: 40 gallons
  • Blackwater capacity: 50 gallons

Class B Motor Homes

Motorhomes of Class B are built on a van chassis and are the smallest in the lineup of RVs. They are also sometimes referred to as camping vans. Unlike traditional vans, however, they have a raised roof and offer generous headspace. These motorhomes range from 16 feet up to 22 feet in length and offer comfort for those who are seeking minimal living space and have acquired a simple taste when it comes to travel. As you might expect, such motorhomes are ideal for single adventurers or couples. Though they may not be quite luxurious, especially compared to larger models, these motorhomes may have a slight touch of extravagance if well-maintained and accessorized.

Amenities in class B motorhomes tend to be small and compact, efficient for living necessities and comfort, but not much more. That said, a small kitchen is generally provided as well as a wet bath because both of those things are necessary when living on the road. These motorhomes are easy to maneuver in that they drive like a car and are correspondingly effortless to park. Lastly, they are by far the most fuel efficient of all motorhome classes.

Check out some of our favorite class B motorhomes below:

Coachmen RV Crossfit 22C 2019 – Class B

If you are a wanderer seeking solo adventures while enjoying scenic views in early mornings, consider this motorhome design the perfect start. This motorhome includes a small kitchen, light wood cabinetry, compact amenities, refrigerator, and a generous amount of storage in the form of tucked away pockets. A wet bath is also included, as well as cabinets for clothing. The interior of this motorhome has a warmth that results from vibrant colors and the light, polished floors all throughout. In addition to corner pocket storage, overhead storage pockets and a rear power sofa that folds down to a bed help maximize space.

Specs are as follows:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 10,360 lbs
  • Freshwater capacity: 30 gallons
  • Greywater capacity: 15 gallons
  • Blackwater capacity: 12 gallons
  • Fuel type: Gasoline

Hymer Aktiv EHGNA 2019 – Class B

This motorhome design is ideal for single travelers or couples that are seeking a very simple motorhome with minimalist preferences, yet simultaneously want the comfortable feel of a home. Small touches such as a small galley kitchen, a one-sided cushioned booth with a dinette table combined, and a flat-screen TV help give it that homey feel, and in addition, AC is provided and the ample storage spaces are generous. The interior of this model is pleasantly neat and well-presented. An additionally great feature of this motorhome is its queen-sized folding mattress, ideally allowing for additional space during the day.

Pertinent specs:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 9,350 lbs
  • Cargo Weight: 1,300 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 30 gallons
  • Greywater tank capacity of 23 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 46 gallons

Class C Motor Homes

Class C motorhomes are medium-sized motor homes; built on a light-duty truck chassis, they include a cab and a bed of a truck with built-in walls. What differentiates this motorhome class from the rest is its unique cab overhang, which can be taken advantage of as additional sleep area or storage area. Class C motorhomes range from 21ft up to 35ft in length and include a wider built-out body on a truck bed, which helps offer additional comfort without becoming oversized or difficult to drive. Additionally, the wider builds and generally well-polished interiors offer more amenities than a class B motorhome, though less than a class A RV.

The kitchen galleys of these motorhomes are generally large in size, with a separate dinette and separate sleeping area. The bathrooms are generally medium-sized, though they still often include a separated shower and toilet. As a result, these RVs are often ideal for small or medium-sized families. On account of their larger size, they have reduced fuel efficiency compared to class B vehicles, but that larger size and more powerful engine and stronger chassis make them ideal for the towing of a vehicle or a boat.

Below are some of our favorite class C motorhomes.

Greyhawk Prestige 29MVP 2019 – Class C

For those seeking a pleasantly average-sized motorhome for average-sized families or groups of people, this motorhome is ideal in fitting your needs. Its exterior shines in white fiberglass with vinyl graphics, while the interior offers a neat space with a glossy touch to it. Among the more astonishing features of this motorhome model is its panoramic window placed on the cab overhang, with attached power shades for when you might desire privacy, making it ideal for scenery lovers who might also enjoy the quiet space in the evenings.

The kitchen is medium in size and includes both a double door refrigerator and a legless dinette table with a sofa on the side. The bathroom is fully set and includes suited storage pockets. The bedroom is equipped with a comfortable queen-sized mattress and includes a set of wardrobes and cabinets for extra storage, as well as organized clothing storage.

Pertinent specs include the following:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 14,500 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 22,000 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 47 gallons
  • Greywater tank capacity: 41 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 32 gallons

Melbourne 24L 2019 – Class C

This motorhome model runs smaller than usual class C’s. Ideally, it would benefit and satisfy the needs of smaller families. The interior includes frameless windows and a full set kitchen galley with an 8-cubic-foot refrigerator. Its dinette is large in size and circular shaped, additionally providing extra space for seating. An open wide window is placed above the dinette, allowing great lighting and scenery views while dining, reading, or drinking your morning coffee.

The front essentially provides swivel driver and passenger seats, which can be a very nice touch when parked for the evening. The bathroom provided is fully set in this motorhome and the bedroom is open, including cabinets and a wardrobe with door mirrors. This motorhome is suited for three to four people at best, allowing all occupants to have sufficient space and comfort around one another.

Pertinent specs:

  • Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 11,030 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 15,250 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 43 gallons
  • Greywater tank capacity: 31 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 31 gallons

Class B+ Motor Homes

Unlike the other three classes, class B+ isn’t quite as defined. More importantly, it’s mostly a marketing term that generated from RV manufacturers and is used to differentiate the vehicles that do not have a berth over the cab from the traditional vehicles that do. Fundamentally, class B+ is not considered under the classifications of motorhomes, such as if one goes to register one at their local Department of Motor Vehicles, it will be registered as a class C motorhome. Class B+ motorhomes, for our (and RV manufacturers’) purposes, however, do not have a berth sleeping quarter over the cab, and that is what differentiates it from the other classes of motorhomes.

In all other regards, though, as these vehicles are built on a truck platform, such as a class C motorhome, it is most like a class C motorhome missing the extra space above the cab. Depending on its model and design, these motorhomes are ideally suited for small families.

Check out a few of our favorite B+ motor homes below.

Winnebago 25T 2018 – Class B+

This motor home is a twin bed floor plan covered in zinc interior color with generous overhead storage, and a sofa below that converts into a bed when night falls. A full vinyl floor is provided throughout, as is a TV set next to the dinette, and a compact kitchen galley equipped well with sink, two-burner cooktop, ample storage, refrigerator, and a microwave. The bathroom includes a small sink and shower as well as storage cabinets attached on the wall. Overhead storage is additionally included around the bed, and windows are designed for maximum scenic views, especially first thing in the morning. These motorhomes have good fuel efficiency, and with its fuel type being diesel, they are powerful and easily maintained.

Pertinent specs:

  • Cargo Weight: 1,423 lbs
  • Gross Combined Weight Rating: 15,250 lbs
  • Freshwater tank capacity: 34 gallons
  • Greywater tank capacity: 36 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 56 gallons

Viper 25V 2018 – Class B+

Consider this model as a luxury type motorhome without the immense expenses and size. As you walk in this motorhome, the interior is noticeably vibrant, with flooring of glazed maple oak color, light fixtures, and hardwood panel cabinets all around. Storage is critical in smaller RVs, and this particular model utilizes all corners possible to provide storage space, taking advantage of any and all such potential storage spots.

The kitchen offers solid surface counter tops with minimal yet effective space. The dinette offers a reasonably good amount of space, with an open window on the side and complementary shades. The bathroom is enclosed and includes a toilet, a separate shower, and a vessel bowl sink above the countertop, adding a nice touch of extravagance to this motorhome. A TV is set on the wall and on a swing arm, with multiple storage pockets around.

As you walk towards the bedroom, there are raised panel doors, and the queen-sized mattress offers plenty of space to walk around the bed and use the wardrobes set in front with additional cabinets on the bottom. A wide window is placed on the head of the mattress side, with reading lights above. This motorhome is ideal for couples traveling together, as it provides the right amount of living space and comfort needed for two. The towing capacity of this motorhome is 5,000 lbs.


  • Freshwater tank capacity: 40 gallons
  • Greywater tank capacity: 28 gallons
  • Blackwater tank capacity: 28 gallons

What is the Difference Between Class A, B, C & B+ Motorhomes?

In conclusion, the biggest difference between all the motorhome classes (A, B, B+, and C) is mainly the exterior design and frame, so from the biggest (Class A) to the medium-sized (Class C, or Class B+, if you don’t need the space above the cab) to the smallest (the van-like motorhomes in Class B), they vary drastically from a visual point of view. As for comfort goes, though, you can find what you need in any or all of the classes, as long as the motorhome of your choice incorporates with the number of occupants with whom you’ll be traveling and your desired travel style. Spend time wisely researching what you’ll need and in choosing the ideal motorhome for traveling experiences of a lifetime and you can’t go wrong!