Great Camping Games for Adults and Other Campfire Activities

Campfire games don’t just have to involve singing B-I-N-G-O and they’re not always for kids. These ideas for games for camp are primarily aimed at letting adults have fun too!

Summer Camp Game – The Wilderness Olympics

This is a way of combining several camping games to play during the day into a larger competition. There are no definite events: it depends on environment, equipment and imagination.

Try Shoe-Kicking. All that’s needed is a nice large space. Each participant balances a shoe on their toe. One by one they are flicked as far as possible. Winner is the one who fires their shoe the furthest.

Bring along an aerobie for this summer camp game for Aerobie Golf. Plant a stick in the earth somewhere around the campsite. Now retreat to a start point at least 200 metres away if possible with a few obstacles to avoid. Now keep throwing the aerobie until you are able to ‘hoopla’ the stick. Winner is the one who manages it in the least throws. This is even more fun with several aerobies, when it can be played as a race.

Try knotting together some clothes for a game of beach volleyball (swimming costumes mandatory!); or have a dance-off. This is particularly good for mixed groups. Be prepared with a series of photos of pairs of people in odd positions (these can be as clean … or not, as you like). Everyone dances in pairs and when the music stops, like in musical statues, they must mimic the position demonstrated in the chosen photo. One person plays judge and eliminates pairs one by one.

Camping Games for Adults – The Blair Witch Photo

This is one of those games for camp that can be terrifying. It can be played with any number of players anywhere at night, but a wood or forest is best.

Before leaving for camp, purchase a pair of night-vision goggles. Choose someone to be the Blair Witch, hand them the goggles and allow them to disappear into the playing area.

Everyone else is armed with a camera phone with flash and hey spread out into the wood to search for the Blair Witch. The winner is the player that manages to photograph the Witch … who may enjoy scaring the wits out of as many players as possible. Set a time limit in case the Witch is not found.

Camping Drinking Games and Campfire Activities

Camping outdoors can hold its risks, so, as the adverts say, enjoy alcohol responsibly. With that out the way, a campfire drinking game can be a lot of fun.

‘Harbour’ is an old classic. The first person raises a drink and says: “I went down to the harbour and saw them loading up crates of … ” and names any category: songs by The Beatles, Steven Spielberg movies, types of beer etc. The category goes around the campfire with players giving one example each. A wrong answer, a repeat or a failure to answer means that player must drink and start a new category.

Alternatively, the ‘Name Game’ requires players to take turns naming a famous person. Each one must have a first name that starts with the same letter as that which starts the surname of the previous name. For example: Angelina Jolie … James Stewart … Steve Austin. A ‘double letter’, like Robert Redford, spins the game back in the other direction. Wrong answer, repeat or no answer means a player must drink.