8 Best 12V TVs for RV

Long road trips in an RV can get dull. There might be long stretches of time when you’re starved for some entertainment. And if you live in an RV or love a nomadic life, it’s important to get a 12V TV for an RV so you can stay updated with the world.

If you’re installing a new 12V TV for your RV, you might be confused about which brand to purchase, the features to select, the reception, etc. There are a lot of options out there, and not all of them are suitable for your specific RV.

In this article, we’ve vetted and tested some of the best 12V TVs for RVs. You can use it to shortlist your choice and use our Buyer’s Guide section at the end to figure out which is best suited for your needs.

So read on for our list of the best 12V TVs for RVs.

1. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV

The SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV is one of the most reasonable options on this list. Even the largest TV in this series is available for just $200. It comes with a 12V cigarette lighter power adapter, so you know it’s specifically designed for use in RVs.

This SuperSonic TV is available in screen sizes ranging from 13 to 40 inches. However, for most RVs, you should  restricted yourself to a maximum of 24”, going up to 30+ inches only if you’re in a class A motorhome and screen size is a very big issue for you.

This brand has all the necessary inputs — HDMI, USB, RF, Coax, and all the others. They also have VESA mounts for durable bracket mounting. These TVs come with both a 120-volt and 12-volt outlet power cord. However, the 22” version of this TV doesn’t come with the 12-volt cord, so if you purchase that specific model, you’ll need an external cord.

All versions of this TV are compatible with 1080p visuals. The picture quality and colors are sharp, and they’re about as good as you can expect from a 12V TV. Basically, there’s not a single 12V TV for RVs that’s going to blow you away with its picture quality, but they’re perfectly clear.

The biggest issue I personally had with it is the sound quality. For one thing, the decibel is extremely low. Even when you put it on blast at its loudest setting, you might still struggle to hear everything. This is especially true because when you’re in an RV, the TV’s sound has to compete with the sound of the open road.

Unfortunately, this TV’s speakers just don’t hold up. At night, when everything is quiet and still, you can hear everything in the top sound setting, but the clarity is still poor. As such, you can use it to watch TV shows but not to listen to music. I found myself in need of external speakers to get the sound quality I wanted. This is unfortunate because that’s an additional expense, and TVs for RVs should be primed to save as much space as possible.

The 13” and 15” versions of this TV have narrow viewing angles of 90º horizontal and 50º vertical. Some people prefer a wide angle. I personally preferred viewing angles of 170º horizontal and 160º vertical, which are available in the larger screens. However, I recognize that this is a personal preference.


  • Reasonably priced.
  • Great picture quality.
  • Comes in a wide range of screen sizes.
  • Additional 12V cigarette adapter provided.


  • Poor sound clarity.
  • Extremely low volume, necessitating the use of external speakers.
  • No DVD player available.

2. SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with DVD

The SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV with DVD is extremely similar to the SuperSonic 1080p LED Widescreen HDTV in almost every way except that it comes equipped with an input for DVDs. This is advantageous because you can use the TV as a DVD player without having to purchase another DVD player that would take up additional space. In addition to the DVD, it also has inputs for SD Cards, CDs, HDMI, USB, RF, Coax, CVBS, PC Audio, and Audio L/R.

This RV TV is available in sizes ranging from 13.3 to 24 inches. It doesn’t come with the larger options available in the previous SuperSonic TV, but that’s alright because it’s meant purely for RVs. The 13” and 15” versions come with narrow viewing angles of 90º horizontal and 50º vertical while the others come with broader the viewing angles of 170º horizontal and 160º vertical. So you should choose the size depending both on your viewing preference and the size of your RV.

This model available in 1080i resolution. However, while the clarity is perfect, the colors don’t necessarily pop. However, that is quite a nit-picky issue, and it’s common with all 12V TVs. The biggest issue, as already mentioned in the previous review, is the audio. It’s not loud enough for use when the RV is moving, and the voice cracks when you crank it up to the top.

You can minimize this issue by playing around with the bass and treble, but it only makes a negligible difference. I have to use external speakers with it, something I don’t appreciate because it takes up more space, something you need to preserve in an RV. This move also confuses me because they’ve clearly incorporated a DVD reader with the intention of saving space. But then this necessitates the use of an additional speaker.

You should note that the specifications of this TV mention that the depth is 6 inches. That is, however, just the depth of the stand. The TVs depth is only 2.01”, which is perfect for an RV.


  • Strong picture quality.
  • Variety in terms of viewing angles.
  • Additional 12V cigarette adapter provided.
  • Comes with an additional DVD player.
  • Additional SD card reader available.
  • Perfect depth at 2.01”.


  • Poor sound quality.
  • Need to use external speakers due to low decibels.

3. Sceptre E249BD-FMQC

The Sceptre E249BD-FMQC is a 24” 1080P LED TV for RVs. This TV comes with a built-in DVD player. The disc can simply be inserted into a slot on the right side, so it doesn’t take up any additional space. Furthermore, even though it has a DVD slot, depth is not sacrificed. With a depth of just 2.8”, you can be assured that it won’t take up too much space.

You can either mount this TV via the VESA wall mount brackets or use the stand to place it on a surface. However, placing it on stands runs the risk of the TV toppling over when you move, and it also takes up more space since it has a depth of 5.7 inches.

I am, however, not impressed with the remote control. They have a single control for the TV and the DVD player, and that’s supposed to make it more convenient. However, the controls are hard to figure out unless you study the manual. And most people don’t like studying manuals just to handle a remote. So I believe the remote could have been designed to be more user-friendly.

One of my favorite features on this TV is the Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL). This feature is activated from one’s smartphone, and it can mirror the phone’s multimedia on the TV. As such, in addition to the regular input channels of HDMI, DVD, USB, etc, you can also cast videos to the screen directly from your phone. This is an advanced feature that all smartphone users can benefit from.

This TV also suffers from the common problem of most RV TVs. It has a really tinny sound production. No matter what settings you try out, the sound is too little to coherently listen to. You can enhance it, however, by increasing the bass and reducing the treble. That is just a small fix though. You’ll have to most likely get an additional sound bar for it.

However, while the sound quality may be poor, it has great picture quality. It’s arguably one of the sharpest Full HD TVs for RVs.


  • Brilliant 1080p visuals with sharp clarity and strong colors.
  • Doubles as a DVD player.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • The Mobile High-Definition Link feature allows you to cast the mobile’s visuals to the screen.


  • Terrible sound quality.
  • Remote control not intuitive.

4. Jensen JTV19DC

The Jensen JTV19DC is an 18.5” HDTV that provides visuals in resolutions of 480p, 720p, and 1080p. Its display format is 16:9 and it has viewing angles of 80° horizontal by 85° vertical. It comes with a VESA 100mm x 100mm mounting bracket that can fasten it firmly to the RV’s walls.

It accepts input in the form of HDMI, USB, or VGA. Unfortunately, this is a fairly basic RV TV and it doesn’t accommodate a DVD player. I was also not impressed with its depth. At 4.6 inches, it’s quite a bit broader than its competitors and takes up additional space. Furthermore, this is a pure 12V TV that cannot be connected to a house-style 120-volt power outlet. As such, if you need to connect to a 120-volt outlet, you’ll need an external adapter. Furthermore, the power cable doesn’t come with a cigarette lighter adapter.

One of the best aspects of this TV is its durability. Jensen is considered to be one of the best brands for RV TVs primarily because of their durability. I took this TV on really rough roads with lots of bumps and sharp turns, but it stayed perfectly intact. While I didn’t personally pour water over it, I do know of people who use it on boats and this TV can sustain continual splashes of water.

The sound is extremely low and you’ll need external speakers with it. However, that is pretty much a pattern with 12V RV TVs, as you have already observed from the previous reviews. However, considering how cheap this product is, I’m willing to let that slide a bit.

Some of the users have expressed disappointment because this TV doesn’t come with a stand. However, I personally don’t find that to be an issue. This is an RV TV through and through. It’s meant for use in RVs, so a stand is not appropriate. In fact, using a stand in a mobile medium is a bad idea as the slightest of bump will throw it off balance, potentially damaging it.


  • Made specifically for use in RVs.
  • Great visuals.
  • Strong mounting brackets.


  • Poor sound quality.
  • No DVD player.
  • No cigarette lighter adapter.

5. Sceptre E246BD-SMQK                                        


The Sceptre E246BD-SMQK is a 24” 720p 12V RV TV that doubles as a DVD player. It comes with both a stand and a durable VESA wall mount. With the stand, it has a depth of 5.5 inches, and without the stand, it has a depth of 2.96 inches, which is fairly narrow, especially considering it also accommodates a slot for DVDs. In addition to HDMI and DVD inputs, this TV can also accommodate USB devices.

The feature least liked here is the view quality. This is a 720p TV, which is a serious disappointment even by RV TV standards. In a world full of UltraHD 1440p and 2560p TVs, all modern RV TVs should be at least 1080p compatible. Having said that, it at least makes up for the limited resolution by having extremely bright colors. The colors on this TV pop a lot more than many other Full HD TVs as well. So as far as the video quality is concerned, it’s up to you — do you prefer sharpness or better colors?

The audio on this TV is pretty weak like almost all other RV TVs. You’ll need to supplement it with an external speaker system.

I do have a note on the DVD player. It works perfectly fine, but there might be a little confusion about it. When I first used this TV, I tried to enter my DVD into the slot directly and it wouldn’t accept it. I thought there was something wrong with the DVD player. As it turns out, the DVD player only accepts the disc once you choose the DVD option in your TV via the remote. I’ve noticed that this has been a common confusion among other users as well. As such, I believe they should have made a simpler DVD option, like all other TVs. I also found that the DVD player, when it works, makes an audible whirring sound that’s pretty distracting, especially if you’re using the TVs natural inbuilt speakers.


  • Built-in DVD player.
  • Durable mount and stand.
  • Bright colors.


  • Bad audio.
  • No Full HD.
  • DVD player makes a whirring sound.
  • DVD player is confusing to use.

6. AXESS TV1701-15

AXESS TV1701-15 is a 15.6 inch 12V TV for RVs. It has a maximum resolution of 720p, which is quite poor considering most RV TVs have 1080p visuals. However, considering the small size of the TV, that shouldn’t be too much of an issue. It’s still perfectly clear. It comes with a stand, but it doesn’t come with a mounting bracket. This is quite an oversight as most people affix their RV TVs on the walls using mounting brackets. As such, you’ll have to purchase a separate VESA mounting bracket.

It’s compatible with HDMI and USB inputs, but it doesn’t have a DVD slot, so you’ll have to get external DVD players. However, this TV is also extremely cheap, probably one of the cheapest on this list, so it might be a good option for you if you’re looking for a basic budget TV without DVD functionality.

My favorite part of this TV is the sound. It doesn’t have brilliant inbuilt speakers. However, it’s loud enough that you can hear it clearly even when the RV is moving and there are other external sounds to contend with. That audibility itself makes it a lot better than its competitors that are only nearly coherent.

At least you know that you won’t have to spend any more on an external speaker. Having said that, I’m only gushing about the speakers in a relative sense. It still can’t hold a candle to proper external Dolby surround sound speakers, so temper your expectations.

I am also disappointed that it cannot play videos from USB devices. You can connect the USB and view pictures or listen to music. You cannot play movies through it, which is often the primary use for USB slots in TVs. Furthermore, even for pictures and music, it only supports JPG and MP3 formats, which is extremely limited.


  • Extremely lightweight and compact.
  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Speakers are better than most.
  • Extremely cheap.


  • No DVD player.
  • Not Full HD.
  • Can’t play videos from USB.
  • Doesn’t come with mounting brackets.

7. Free Signal TV Transit

The Free Signal TV Transit is a 32 inch 12V TV for large RVs and motorhomes. It has an inbuilt HDTV tuner and  also comes with a 12-volt cigarette power adapter. It has a maximum resolution of 720p, which might be suitable for smaller TVs but leads to pixelated visuals in such a large TV.

Furthermore, at 32 inches, this TV is only suited for the largest RVs, and even then it could be a tight squeeze if you don’t manage your space correctly. I would have preferred a variation in sizes, but as it now stands, it’s suitable for a limited pool of RV users.

The TV has 3 HDMI ports, which is great, except I think it’s just 1 HDMI port too many. I can’t imagine a situation in which it would be necessary to use all three ports in a single RV simultaneously. Plus, it comes with both a tabletop stand but no wall mounting bracket.

This seems like a major oversight to me. If you purchase an RV TV, common sense dictates that a mounting bracket should be a part of the package as it’s absolutely necessary. A tabletop stand, no matter how sturdily built, isn’t suitable for mobile homes because bumps and sharp turns can easily throw it off balance.

The video quality, I believe, is this TV’s saving grace. Yes, owing to the 720p resolution in such a large TV, you might receive pixelated visuals. However, the pixelation is limited and is perfectly compensated for by the stunning and bright colors factory set to the perfect contrast. I am personally extremely finicky about pixelation, so I was hoping the TV would be 1080p enabled. However, many of the users barely notice the pixelation and prefer bright colors. So I’d say that the visuals are dependent on whether you prefer crispness of imagery or boldness of colors.

The audio isn’t as bad as some of the other 12V RV TVs, but it’s not the best either. It’s clear and if there’s not a lot of noise in your immediate surroundings, you can hear clearly. It still cannot be used to listen to music.


  • Large TV at an affordable rate.
  • Bold colors.
  • You’ll never run short of HDMI ports.
  • Legible audio.
  • Comes with a 12-volt cigarette power adapter.


  • No mounting bracket.
  • Only 720p.
  • Too large for most RVs.
  • Not a smart TV.
  • No DVD player.

8. AXESS TVD1805-24


The AXESS TVD1805-24 is a 1080p widescreen LED TV for RVs. It’s available in a range of sizes from 13.3 to 32 inches. As such, regardless of whether you drive a small camper van, a large RV or motorhome, you’ll find a size right for you. Furthermore, it’s available in 1080p and comes with a built-in DVD player and USB port.

As a result, you can play movies from a disc entered into the DVD slot to the TV’s frame. However, the USB slot is only capable of playing mp3 and jpg files. As such, you can view a slideshow of pictures or listen to music, but not watch videos. This is a waste of opportunity as watching videos through USB can be quite convenient.

It’s also extremely easy to operate and install and comes with a highly intuitive remote control. It has a Coaxial Output Jack so you can connect it to another TV as well and watch the same program on both.

The picture quality on this TV is flawless. It’s crisp owing to the 1080p resolution and it’s also bright and colorful. Furthermore, it’s equipped with anti-glare so you can watch TV even with bright sun pouring in. The visuals are clear from various different angles, so you don’t need to worry about tilting the TV. Note that the audio is not loud enough.

If you’re using it late at night and your RV is not moving, that’s alright. However, if you’re on the road, the sound of the RV might drown out the sound of the speakers. As such, it’s recommended that you get external Bluetooth speakers as well.

This TV comes with a tabletop stand. However, they don’t provide a wall mount, so you’ll have to get that separately.


  • Full HD and strong visuals with bright colors.
  • Available in a range of sizes.
  • Comes with a DVD player and USB port.
  • Easy to install and operate.


  • Bad audio. Need to use external speakers.
  • USB input can only support mp3 and jpg formats.
  • Doesn’t come with a wall mount so it needs to be bought separately.
  • Expensive, compared to the other 12V TVs for RV.

Why do you need a 12V TV for RV?

The following are some of the primary reasons for getting a 12V TV for your RV:

  • An RV TV can help you keep in touch with the world around you. By accessing various new channels, you don’t have to fall out of the loop or feel disconnected.
  • Weather channels can help you forecast the weather in the location you’re going to. This can help you make appropriate plans.
  • RV trips can be extremely long and sometimes tedious. If you have children, they are especially likely to get bored and start running around or causing distractions. Playing entertainment channels on the TV is a great way to keep yourself and your family entertained. Some RV TVs also come with DVD options so you can enjoy a plethora of movies.
  • TVs are large enough for an entire family to experience. You get a viewing experience unlike tablets or laptops, which are often only good enough for one person.
  • If you get a SmartTV, you can also access a number of integrated services like the internet, Netflix, PlayStation, etc. This offers further opportunities to keep yourself entertained.
  • RV TVs are generally made to be anti-glare. This is a crucial feature because you’ll often be watching the TV during the day with plenty of sunlight pouring through the windows. Thus it’s important to get an RV TV that won’t show glare or impede the viewing experience, even during the day.

How is an RV TV different from a regular TV?

An RV TV differs from a regular TV in a number of ways:

  • TVs made for RVs are designed and tested to endure conditions such as heavy vibrations, continued exposure to UV rays, humidity, water, etc. These are all conditions TVs are likely to experience when in a mobile home.
  • The internal chassis — the point of connection between the wall-mount and the TV — has to be extremely strong so it doesn’t snap off under pressure.
  • RV TVs are tested to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations. The operational temperature range is tested to be between -4°F to 149°F and the storage temperature between -22°F to 158°
  • RV TVs can generally withstand a humidity of 90%.
  • They use conformal coated circuit boards in order to enhance the TVs durability.

Not all home TVs break when used in RVs. However, the likelihood of  breaking is higher, especially if you use them in the extreme circumstances highlighted above. As such, it’s better to be safe than sorry and buy a 12V TV for RVs.

Which factors to consider when buying a 12V TV for RVs?


TVs for RVs aren’t as big as home TVs. In fact, most RV TVs are 19 to 20 inches so they can comfortably fit within the vehicle. There are some larger TVs available as well, but they can only be used in large motorhomes, and even then with some difficulty.

The smaller size, however, isn’t much of an issue in RVs because you generally watch TV from close range. As such, even a smaller TV appears larger in relation to the space around it and the distance from the viewer.

You should also make sure that the TV you select is thin. An LED TV is best suited for this purpose.


It’s important to use a 12-volt TV for RVs as it’s more convenient. Furthermore, you should make sure that your TV operates with the kind of AC power available. If you don’t take this into consideration, you might have to purchase a separate TV adapter.

You can also find some TVs that run on batteries. If you have a dearth of power sources in your RV, you can opt for a battery-operated RV TV.


It’s best to purchase a Smart TV. In addition to allowing you access to channels, these can do a lot more. It can be connected to the internet via WiFi and you can access online apps, streaming services, etc.

If you need to watch videos and movies often from USBs or DVDs, make sure the TV comes with the relevant slots. Buy a TV that comes with CD and DVD players and some USB ports.

Also, make sure that the speakers are powerful enough such that you don’t have to crowd the RV with external speakers. Furthermore, the screen should have an anti-glare feature as well so light is not reflected on it.

Mounting Options

Mounting options are incredibly important for RV TVs. You need to make sure that the TV can be fastened to the walls of the RV and that it doesn’t fall off. The most popular option is to get TV brackets to attach it against a wall. This is the most secure mounting option, but it requires a little manual effort. Another option is a TV strap and stand; however, these aren’t as secure as mounting brackets.

If your TV doesn’t come with a mounting bracket, you can purchase an external mount with an articulating arm. This will allow you to place the TV where you need it and also easily adjust its angle while ensuring that it is fastened properly. Make sure the articulating arms can be locked so they don’t move when the RV vibrates.


Most TVs for RVs come with TV receivers so you can pick up over-the-air signals from local stations. However, some people attach external antennas to their RVs to boost the signals or they attach a satellite TV for greater availability of channels.

If you opt for a satellite TV, you should get one that can support services like Dish Network and DirecTV. Before you purchase a satellite TV, be sure you know where you’ll place it, where you’ll be sitting, and how much space you have.

How to pick up the right channels in the RV TV?

In order to pick up the right channels in your RV TV, you will need the right TV antenna. You have the following options:

  1. TV Antenna for Local Channels: If you want to receive signals from local stations, you need to use a TV antenna. These usually have a limited range and can only pick up signals from the broadcasting towers in the area. However, they give you access to channels like NBC, CBS, etc. These antennas are available for both indoors and outdoors, although the latter usually provides better signals. Whichever you choose, it will be better to choose an HD antenna, so you can view all your favorite channels in high definition.
  2. Satellite Antenna: You can purchase a Doma Antenna if you want access to satellite TV. These have to be attached outdoors and they pick up signals directly from satellites. They are more expensive, but they offer a wider range of options and you can watch them anywhere. However, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee whether you subscribe to DirecTV or Dish Network.
  3. FM Antenna: Do you enjoy listening to local radio stations? If so, you might want to get an RV FM antenna so you can access local radio stations and news and stay informed of regional information. This antenna is, however, difficult to install and involves drilling holes in the RV.

Do I need a TV Signal Booster?

Do you find that your antenna cannot pick up signals well? Are you often met with static? Do you have to constantly adjust your TV antenna?

If so, you might benefit from a TV antenna booster. These devices have to be attached to your TV antenna so they can boost your signals. They amplify the strength of the antenna to either receive signals from further distances or boost the strength of the signals received.

Purchasing a TV antenna booster will ensure that you can access your favorite channels even in distant places while camping or driving in the middle of nowhere.


So now you know about the best 12V TVs for RVs. I hope this article has helped you figure out how to best select an RV TV suitable for your needs. If you have any other questions regarding 12V TVs for RVs, feel free to let me know! Now go ahead, kick off your shoes, and start flipping those channels!