20 Best Travel Trailer Brands On the 2019 Market

In today’s industry, travel trailers are offered by plenty of different brands and manufacturers, meaning there are choices for any travel style and need. These travel trailers can differ in many ways, of course: prices, in quality, in style, in size, and in weight.

When choosing the best travel trailer for you, many factors should be considered. One factor to consider is the construction of the travel trailer, whether it is strongly built. Another important factor is to acknowledge the weight of the travel trailer and further determine if it is the right choice for your towing vehicle, as well as the loading weight that will be further added on this trailer before your trip. Can your vehicle tow the trailer when fully loaded?

It is similarly worth noting that often the higher the price, the likely more excellent the quality of the trailer, although that relationship does not necessarily apply in every circumstance. For instance, a travel trailer may be found in good quality, while simultaneously simple in design and style, and thus may be had lower in price than a more extravagantly loaded trailer. Conversely, a travel trailer can be rich in taste and extravagantly decorated, but come with poor quality and construction.

Many manufacturers utilize and own multiple brands, each providing its unique design. It is important to determine for yourself your style and need of travel, and to determine what travel trailer is best for the time you are seeking for it to last, the time that will be spent traveling and the size best fit for all occupants that will use the travel trailer. These travel trailer brands have succeeded and are considered to be of great excellence, just as they have been for a long period of time, and still are best seller brands to this day.

 1. Rockwood

Rockwood is owned and operated by Forest River, and it is known to be excellent in quality and comfort. Rockwood trailers are offered in various styles and floor plan models, such as Ultra Lite, Rockwood Roo, Mini Lite, and Geo Pro. The difference between these models is the size they come in. Ultra Lite and Mini Lite appear large in length, Geo pro appears small and compact, and Roo provides slide outs. The similarities of these trailers include their relatively lightweight designs, which offer easy towing.

The unloaded vehicle weight on these models starts from 1,100lbs up to 6,500lbs. The construction Rockwood provides is mostly aluminum, with great quality cabinetry in solid wood, and extra simple features that make a difference, causing this brand to stand out in the industry. This brand is ideal for those seeking comfort with high-quality design and furnish, but without a preference for high-end luxury.

2. Jayco

Jayco is an RV manufacturer known best for the luxurious style it provides. Jayco produces travel trailers in different floor models such as Hummingbird, Eagle HT, Jay Feather, White Hawk, Jay Flight SLX7 and SLX8, Jay Flight Bungalow, and Jayco Flight. These travel trailers differentiate in size and floor plan, offering luxurious travel trailer options for both couples (2 occupants), and families (up to 7-8 occupants). The construction of this manufacturer is outstanding and of high quality, well furnished with enormous living space.

The unloaded vehicle weight of these travel trailers starts from as low as 1,500 lbs up to 11,000 lbs. Ideally, these trailers are the best fit for those seeking luxury in style and design, alongside a firm and solid built travel trailer.

3. Dutchmen

Dutchmen is one of the best manufacturers in the industry, producing travel trailers, expandables, fifth wheels, and toy haulers. This brand offers travel trailers with extensive storage space, extreme comfort with a touch of coziness. The design and decor their trailers provide ensures they feels like a home. They are well built in mostly aluminum, and lightweight while producing good quality and reliability. A great number of these travel trailers provide bunkhouse floorplans, ideal for families of numerous occupants. Simultaneously, they are also offered in small sizes and in ideal floor plans for couples seeking comfort in camping. The weight of these travel trailers are average and as such, are most often best towed by a large vehicle.

4. Aerolite

Aerolite is a brand operated by Dutchmen, and offers astonishing travel trailers with up to 10 different floorplans, such as 2133RB, 2423BH, 2573BH, 2683RK, 2733RB, 2843BH, 2923BH, 2933RL – DSO, 3153ML, and 3303RL. This brand is known for its lightweight builds, as well as for its easy towing and compact designs. The average shipping weight of these travel trailers starts from around 3,000lbs.

Most of the floorplans provide great spacious room and entertainment, as well as extra storage space. The interior design and decor are offered in up to 3 various options to choose from, and essentially appear elegant in style, comfortable, and well furnished. This brand is ideal for any size families and couples seeking lightweight travel trailers with great living space and an almost luxurious touch without being extreme.


Winnebago is a large RV manufacturer, producing great quality travel trailers. This brand is of par excellence in producing small and lightweight travel trailers, very easy to tow with convenience for both families and couples. They offer 4 different travel trailers, such as the Minnie Plus and Minnie, ideal for families of 4 occupants, and the Micro Minnie and Minnie Drop, ideal for single or couple adventurers. The floorplans and interior designs of all four models range from simple to average and are ideal for those acquiring a minimal taste in design.

These travel trailers are equipped with all necessities for comfortable living. The average weight rating of the Winnebago models start from 2,000 lbs and work up to 6,500 lbs in dry weight. This brand suits those seeking affordable trailers with a comfortable space for sleep and primary living needs while planning to spend their camping time extensively outdoors.

6. Sonoma

Sonoma is a brand owned and operated by Forest River, offering 10 different floor plans as such, 220RBS, 240BHS, 240RBK, 240RBS, 240RKS, 270BHS, 280RKS, 290QBS, 167RB, and 201RD. All of the above travel trailer models are mostly aluminum built with laminated aluminum framed floors and walls, an outside shower, overhead cabinets with glass inserts and a laundry chute per floorplan.

A characteristic of this brand is its options of bunkhouse floorplans for larger families and kids. They offer extensive comfort space for living and provide a fairly easy tow. The unloaded vehicle weight of these models start from 5,000 lbs and range up to 7,100 lbs. These trailers are ideal for any size family, for those seeking good quality design, and acquire a standard taste. However, the space these trailers provide would appear as extensive for a pair of 2 traveling.

7. Cherokee

Cherokee travel trailer brand is operated by Forest River. This brand offers various models such as Alpha Wolf, Cherokee, Cherokee Destination, Cherokee Grey Wolf, Cherokee Wolf Pack, and Cherokee Wolf Pup, each offered in various floor plans. The quality of these travel trailers is known to be great, and the great number of models this brand offers make it simple to choose the right fit for all your travel style and needs, regardless the number of occupants, from singles to couples to big families.

Most of these travel trailers are fiberglass built, and many offer wardrobes in the bedrooms, allowing for good storage space storage. The interior design of these trailers is best suitable for those seeking great quality yet a simple design. A few of these floorplans provide a bunkhouse in their design as well, making them ideal for families with kids or groups of friends. The unloaded vehicle weight of this brand’s trailers and models vary from as low as 2,900 lbs up to as high as 11,500 lbs.

8. Palomino

Palomino is an RV manufacturer producing good quality travel trailers. They offer 7 different models: PaloMini, Puma, Puma Destination, Puma XLE Lite, Real-Lite Mini, Solaire eXpandable, and Solaire Ultra Lite, all with numerous floor plans. These trailers are affordable and utilize a lightweight construction with full amenities.

Their interior design is immensely well furnished and include maple hand-glazed cabinetry, which adds a comfortable feel to these trailers. The Puma Destination model, in particular, offers two bedroom options and fulfills the need for leisure and comfort for those seeking luxury. These trailers come in all shapes and sizes, suiting all travel needs and occupancy desired. The unloaded vehicle weight of all models varies from a starting weight of 3,000 lbs all the way up to 8,000 lbs.

9. Coleman

Coleman is a brand of Dutchmen manufacturer providing comfort and elegant style travel trailers. This line consists of 5 different models: Coleman Lantern LT, Coleman Lantern, Coleman Light LX, Coleman Light, and Coleman Light Elevated, each providing a range of floorplans to choose from. This brand offers trailers built in extensively aluminum framed walls, residential grade vinyl flooring, and hardwood maple cabinet doors.

The style and decor of these trailers provide a warm and cozy feel with an elegant touch. They provide plenty of storage, particularly providing such space as under sleeping beds and in overhead cabinets. A few of these floorplans are designed uniquely and provide up to 2 expandable sofas, further used for extra sleeping space at night and immense living space throughout the day. The average shipping weight of this brand’s trailers starts from 3,000 lbs and works up to 7,000 lbs.

10. Wilderness

Wilderness is a brand of travel trailers operated by Heartland manufacturer. This brand offers various floor plans, such as 2400RB, 2475BH, 2500RL, 2575RK, 2725BH, 2775RB, 3125BH, 3185QB, 3250BS, 3350DS, 3375KL, and 2300DB. These trailers are known for their spacious living area provided, despite being light packaged trailers with all amenities included and easy to tow.

They provide a cozy and comfortable interior design, with laminated floors, walls, and roof, as well as tinted safety glass oversized windows, which allow plenty of natural lighting and scenic viewpoints throughout your travels. The bathroom includes a skylight, allowing great lighting as well. This brand of trailers is ideal for families and couples seeking comfort and a relatively standard taste in style and design. The dry weight of these trailers varies from 5,400 lbs up to 8,600 lbs.


11. Vibe

Vibe is a brand manufactured by Forest River and producing great quality travel trailers. The floorplans provided are, 22RB, 24BH, 24RL, 25RK, 26BH, 26RK, 28BH, 28RL, 29BH, 29RL, 31BH, 32BH, 33BH, and more. These trailers are compact and towable, with light construction, laminated floors, and aluminum sidewalls. Additionally, the designs include a residential style carpet, a tri-fold sofa, solid surface countertops, extra storage availability, hard doors to bedrooms, skylight in the bathroom, and an outside shower.

An option given is to choose between a free standing table with 4 chairs, or a booth dinette, varying on the preference and style desired. This brand suits best families and couples who are seeking unique floor plan designs and unique features, all in a light travel trailer. The unloaded vehicle weight of these trailers varies extensively depending on the features and floor plan selected.

12. Coachmen

Coachmen is a travel trailer brand producing affordable yet stylish models. The models included are Freedom Express Liberty Edition, Freedom Express Ultra Lite, Freedom Express Select, Freedom Express Pilot, Spirit/Northern Spirit, Catalina SBX, Catalina Legacy Edition, Catalina Destination Series, Apex-Ultra Lite, Apex Nano, Clipper Ultra Lite, and Viking Ultra Lite.

  1. The numerous selection of models produced grants options for of all travel needs, style, design, and size. They are mostly lightly built (though some are heavier built), both providing comfortable interior design and richness in taste. They are ideal for any size group traveling and adventuring. The unloaded vehicle weight of these travel trailers ranges from 3,000 lbs up to 8,000 lbs.

13. Cruiser

Cruiser is a travel trailer brand offering immense luxury style and design with plenty of additional rich features. The models included are: Shadow Cruiser Ultra Lite, Fun Finder Xtreme Lite, IIIMPG Ultra Lite, Radiance Ultra Lite, and Embrace Ultra Lite. The build of these trailers is intended to be light in weight while offering luxury and all the amenities necessary. All the floorplans are designed and suited for families or couples, offering bunkhouses for an option if more sleeping space is needed. The interior design provides solid hardwood cabinetry and furnished throughout. These trailers are ideal for those seeking luxury and a rich taste without the immense weight and high prices. The dry weight of these trailers ranges from 4,000 lbs up to 7,500 lbs.

14. Wildcat

Wildcat is a brand that offers great quality travel trailers and is owned by Forest River. This brand offers floorplans in a unique design with up to 4 slide outs, allowing for extra living space for larger families or groups of friends. These trailers are built with aluminum-framed sidewalls and floor. The storage provided in these floor models are plenty, with great quality cabinetry and furnishing. Additional features include hidden beds, theater seating with storage/cup holders, shower skylight, fully built-in wood medicine cabinet with mirror, and more.

The style of these trailers is comfortable and one of a home with substantial features. With 6 different floor plans (282KBD, 292QBD, 311RKS, 312RLI, 338RKS, and 343 BIK), the dry weight of this line ranges from 6,000 lbs up to 8,000 lbs.

15. Airstream

Airstream is an RV manufacturer producing numerous travel trailers, such as Classic, Globetrotter, Tommy Bahama, International Serenity, International Signature, Flying Cloud, Sport, and Basecamp. These travel trailers are best suitable for occupants of 4 to 6; however, both the Sport and Basecamp appear very small in size and are designed to best suit couples who are seeking simple floor plans and design. The interior design provided is of modern style, and it is elegant with an edge to it.

Airstreams are well furnished and all floorplans include full amenities, matte finish cabinetry, and luxurious leather seating. These trailers are generally open and airy. This brand is ideal for those seeking a very comforting and rich design. A characteristic of this brand is its wide window frames, allowing for plenty of scenic views. The unit base weight of these trailers ranges from 2,500 lbs up to 7,800 lbs.


16. Avenger

Avenger is a manufacturer producing a variety of travel trailers for all kinds of travel style and needs. The floor plans included in this brand are 26BH, 28RBS, 31RKD, 32BIT, 32DEN, 32QBI, 32RBS, 35MBS, 35RES, 28RKS, 28RLS, 30QBS, 31DBS, 32FBI, 33RCI, and 34DQB. These trailers include exclusive construction, providing long-term quality and reliability, with aluminum exterior and are very luxurious to the eye.

The interior design includes artisan cherry furnishings with accompanied flooring and countertops to suit each other well. This brand of travel trailers offers the luxury and rich travel style with all amenities and comfort of a home. It is ideal for any number of occupants starting from 2 to 7. The unloaded vehicle weight of these trailers ranges from 4,800 lbs up to 9,200 lbs.


17. Surveyor

The Surveyor brand is operated by Forest River, assuring great quality and design. The floorplan models included are Surveyor Legend travel trailers (such as 19BHLE, 19RBLE, 200MBLE, 201RBLE, 240BHLE, 241RBLE, 248BHLE, 264RKLE, 285IKLE, 295QBLE, 322BHLE, 323BHLE) and Surveyor Luxury travel trailers (such as 220RBS, 226RBDS, 243RBS, 245BHS, 247BHDS, 250FKS, 251RKS, 265RLDS, 266RLDS, 267RBSS, 271RLS, 287BHSS, 33KFKDS, 33KRETS, and 33KRLOK).

As listed above, this brand offers plenty of floor plans to choose from, whether you are seeking small lightweight trailers, up to larger trailers with triple slide outs. These trailers are similar in construction, including large panoramic windows, in-floor ducted heating, shaker style cabinets, solid lumber core cabinets, wood drawers, and a pantry. The feel of the design is comfortable and one of a home. It is ideal for those seeking standard and average style design. The unloaded vehicle weight of Surveyor travel trailers varies from 3,500 lbs up to 7,500 lbs.

18. Flagstaff E-pro

This brand of travel trailers is manufactured by Forest River, built specifically for the benefit of an easy tow with your daily vehicle such as an SUV. The models produced of this brand include: Flagstaff Classic Super Lite, Flagstaff hard side pop-up Camper, Micro Lite, Shamrock, Sports Enthusiast Package, Flagstaff Super Lite, and Flagstaff Tent Campers. Flagstaff E-pro trailers includes various floorplans such as E12RK, E12SRK, E14FK, E15TB, E16BH, E17PR, E19BH, E19FBS, E19FD, and E19QB.

The construction of these models includes 6-sided aluminum cage construction, laminated roof and walls, tinted bonded frameless windows, and more. The interior design is very standard and provides efficient comfort for living space. These trailers are ideal for both, families and couples seeking a simple taste and style. The unloaded weight ranges from 1,100 lbs up to 3,200 lbs.

19. Salem

Salem produces high-quality travel trailers with a touch of elegance and luxury. Products by Salem include Cruise Lite, Cruise Lite Forest River, Salem FSX, Hemisphere GLX, Hyper-Lyte Hemisphere, and Salem Villa Series. Salem Travel trailer floorplans include, 27DBK, 27DBUD, 27REI, 27RKSS, 28RLSS, 30KQBSS, 31KQBTS, 32BHDS, 32BHI, 36BHBS, and 37BHSS2Q. The interior design of this brand offers warmth and comfort, a luxurious feel, and includes full furnishing. In addition, these trailers offer wood drawers and furniture-grade plywood sides, plenty of cabinet storage, solid surface kitchen countertops, brushed stainless finish hardware, and in-floor ducted heat.

The majority of these travel trailers construction includes fiberglass insulation throughout, safety glass windows, electric slide-out systems, and more. This brand is ideal for those seeking luxury and extra small features that make a difference. The unloaded vehicle weight of all trailers ranges from 6,400 lbs up to 9,100 lbs.

20. R-pod

R-pod is manufactured and operated by Forest River, and falls in the category of ultra-lite travel trailers, providing luxury and leisure to an extent that is possible in such small trailers. The floorplans included are RP171, RP172, RP176, RP177, RP178, RP179, RP180, RP182G, RP189, RP190, and RP191. These travel trailers are built in welded aluminum walls and floors, laminated floors and roof, seamless fiberglass windows, and polished in gel-coated fiberglass.

The interior design appears in various options, with hardwood drawer fronts, grey shaker style cabinetry, solid lumber core cabinetry, vinyl flooring, a wet bath on few model floors, and a dry bath on selected models only. These travel trailers are ideal for those desiring rich taste in a lightweight trailer. It is best suited for families of 4-6 occupants, as well as couples. The unloaded vehicle weight of these trailers ranges from 2,400 lbs up to 2,800 lbs.