12 Best Value RVs That Are Bang for Your Buck

Few market sectors are more booming these days that recreational vehicles, and that shows in the increasing diversity of the options available. RVs are offered in all sizes, shapes, and forms, satisfying the needs of all kinds of travel, regardless of your desired style. From minimalist comfort to luxurious superliners, RVs are high in demand these days and, as they become more popular, so too are the options available more advanced.

RVs for sale in today’s market come in different varieties and classifications such class A, class B, class C, small trailers, large trailers, Custom builds, and more. Fortunately, we’re here to help you make sense of it all. Consider these listed RVs of great excellence and immense value a starting point of some of the best value RVs out there as you begin your search for the perfect RV for you!

Class A

Class A RVs are motorhomes that are built on bus platforms and are known for providing enormous space and luxury. They are ideal for a large number of occupants or for travelers who will need more amenities with them as they travel for extended periods of time. Below are two of our favorites.

1. Jayco 2019 Embark 37MB

This model features an immense amount of luxury and rich taste. With interior ceramic tile flooring all throughout and cabinetry that complements, it is both easy on the eye and offers an elegant feel. The kitchen is incredibly large in size, fully equipped, and comes with an enormous dinette area, including table and two booths. Parallel from the dinette there are two theater-like seats, and a TV set aside with a fireplace under the TV for a cozy touch. Windows placed on all sides make it ideal for scenery views.

The driver and passenger seats are swivel seats, allowing for the front area to be used for relaxation when not driving. Overhead storage bins are located all around, and the bedroom has a king-sized bed with allowed walking space around it, a side of a wardrobe, and a mirror set. The bathroom itself is fully set and enclosed. Sleeping capacity is up to 6 people, making this RV perfect for large families. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of this RV is 32,000 lbs, and the Gross Combined Weight Rating is 42,000 lbs.

2. Jayco 2019 Precept Prestige 36B

This RV model provides comfort for any family size. It is unique and different from other RVs in that its entertainment area is separate from the dinette, thereby providing plenty of space for anyone to spend their time inside if needed, with available space for everyone. The dinette itself provides a good amount of seating area, with a kitchen fully equipped with solid surface countertops and a good amount of prep space. The sofa is almost round shaped and provides extra seating availability, helping keep this RV very open and airy for living space. The cabinetry and overall interior is cream in color, with glossy flooring, LED lights, and frameless large windows.

The bathroom is large in size and equipped well, with small cabinets that include mirrors, a full shower, and sink counter top. The bedroom includes a king-sized bed, and there is an overhead bunk option in the front of the RV. The entertainment area includes a TV set with a fireplace underneath. Ideally, this RV will benefit best an occupancy of four people, although it can work for up to five or six people. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of this RV is 24,000 lbs and the Gross Combined Weight Rating is 30,000 lbs.

Class B

Class B RVs are built on a van chassis and are best known for being the smallest in the classification of RVs. Because of their small size, they are ideal for single adventurers or couples that are well versed in minimalist traveling. Below are two of our favorites.

3. Coachmen 2018 Crossfit 22D

The interior design of this RV is astonishing and assures the comforts of a home without paying the sort of immense price you might expect.  There is a sliding screen door to use for fresh air yet keep insects out, which helps it feel more spacious than it is, and an armless power awning and under-floor storage are additional nice touches. Vinyl flooring is provided throughout the coach, LED lights help keep things bright, and overhead storage is available from the front to the back.

The kitchen is located in the center and comes with Corian countertops, plenty of storage drawers, a two-burner cooktop, a stainless steel sink with a glass cover, freezer, refrigerator, and a microwave. Aside from the kitchen, there is also a LED TV with dual facing sofas and a removable table for the expansion of the sofas to create a sleeping area. Behind translucent doors is a wet bath with a small sink and a flexible shower head. A TV antenna is also provided, as well as a 200-watt solar panel mounted on the roof. This RV has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of 10,360 lbs and Dry Weight of 7,865 lbs.

4. Coachmen 2019 Crossfit 22C

This RV is ideal for couples that may want to add friends to their trips. Key amenities include on-demand hot water, a solar panel, and a generator. This RV is one of the shortest class C motorhomes and includes a dual rear row of wheels, but it still offers plenty of capacity. Once you step in, you notice the maple-colored interior. Despite being shorter than many other class B RVs, it is very spacious because of its design. For instance, immediately across the walking door is a compact wet bath, which though small in size, makes efficient use of space for getting the job done. The kitchen includes plenty of prep space, a medium-sized sink, and an electric induction-style cooker.

There is storage available all throughout the coach, with overhead storage bins placed in a row. Cabinetry in this RV is light wood, giving it a cozy vibrant feel. A unique feature in this particular model is the design on the rear end, including a couch, and a sofa, that folds down and incorporates with the two seating areas to make either two twin beds or a king size bed, allowing space for extra sleep space for temporary comfort. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of this RV is 10,360 lbs, and the Dry Weight is 8,388 lbs.

Class C

This class of RVs is built on a light-duty truck platform, where it has the original cab; it differs from class B+ RVs in that it utilizes an overhang above the cab for extra space. Ideally, Class C motorhomes are best for large families that cannot afford the luxury of Class A or prefer a smaller RV for better maneuverability yet still want the comfort of the extra space when compared to class B RVs. Below are two of our favorites.

5. Winnebago Navion 2018 24D

This RV is remarkably elegant for the price point. Stylish and comfortable, it provides efficient luxury without paying the price; as a result, it is a definite win for those seeking a combination of all. Two slide-outs expand the living space further when parked, and the lounge and dining area are comfortable both in visual design and material, with a zinc-colored interior, cherry/canvas cabinetry, and vinyl flooring all offering warm touches. LED lights are placed throughout the coach, which also includes overhead cabinets for extra storage. The kitchen galley is equipped with all the amenities, including TV set and microwave.

A full bathroom includes a full sink, spacious countertops, cabinets with mirrors and a very unique feature—a window in the bathroom, allowing natural lighting and natural air flow. This RV is ideal for 3 to 4 people or a couple on an extended trip. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 11,030 lbs, and the Towing Capacity is 5,000 lbs.

6. Winnebago Spirit 2019 22M

This RV is for those seeking a very cozy and comfortable interior in design and material, with extra space and features. It includes up to three slide-outs, a patio awning, light zinc decor, and vinyl flooring throughout the RV. Overhead storage cabinets are placed in the dinette, bedroom, and kitchen areas. The dinette is U-shaped and converts into a full bed, across from a kitchen that comes fully equipped, including a large sink with window above, full oven, and stove with an overhead fan and microwave.

The private rear bedroom includes a TV set on the wall and a wardrobe closet. Additionally, a cab over bunk is available in the front of the RV with a TV set as well. This RV model is ideal for families of up to 6 individuals or more that are seeking affordable comfort with an elegant and rich feel. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of this RV is 11,500 lbs, and the Gross Combined Weight Rating is 18,500 lbs.

Small Towable Trailers

Towable trailers are a great start if you are looking for affordable options, especially when compared to full motorhome RVs. Small trailers generally weigh between 1,500 lbs on the light end to about 3,500 lbs for larger small trailers, which makes them both convenient and ideal for couples traveling, as they are easy to tow with most vehicles. Below are a few of our favorites.

7. Jayco Hummingbird 2019 17RK

Light in weight and easy to tow, this model RV offers efficient comfort for couples seeking to travel and camp without any hassle. Its interior design comes in the color options of Midnight, Sahara, or Boulder. The kitchen in the front is built fully equipped with plenty of prep space and a two-burner cooktop. The living area across from the kitchen includes a U-shaped dinette with storage cabinets above and windows all around. The bedroom is on the rear end with a queen-sized mattress and storage cabinets.

Located in the rear is also a wet bath, including a small sink, toilet, and shower head. Ideally, this RV is best fit for the needs of a single wanderer or couples who enjoy each others company. Unloaded, this RV weighs 2,900 lbs, and its Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 3,950 lbs.

8. Jayco Hummingbird 2019 17RB

In this towable trailer model, you will find an open and airy living space, considering the weight and design of it is a lightweight trailer. In the center of this model is the kitchen with small counter tops, and though it offers minimal prep space, that space is fully equipped and can be used efficiently. Across from the kitchen is the dinette with dual booths and a dining table. Overhead storage cabinets are placed on both sides of the living center space.

The bathroom is towards the front side of this RV, fully compact with shower, sink countertop, and a toilet. On the rear end is the bedroom, which comes with a queen-sized mattress and a TV set, ideal for spending cozy nights in bed watching TV. This trailer best fits the needs of couples. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of this small towable trailer is 3,750 lbs, and the Unloaded Weight is 2,890 lbs.

Large Towable Trailers

Large Trailers weigh on average anywhere from 4,500 lbs up to 8,800 lbs. These trailers are a good start for affordable camping getaways, especially for those with a greater number of occupants, including groups of up to eight or nine. Fortunately, these trailers are still easy to tow with most vehicles. Below are two of our favorites.

9. Jayco Flight 2019 31QBDS

This trailer offers outstanding space for those seeking a luxurious feel. The interior is comforting in design and material, with plenty of overhead cabinets for storage in the bathroom, the kitchen, the dinette, and the bedroom. The center of this trailer includes the entertainment area with a U-shaped dinette next to an expandable sofa for sleep space. Across is the kitchen, with minimal prep space, refrigerator, microwave, and sink.

Near the rear end is the bathroom, which comes fully equipped, and includes easy access to the bedroom, which includes a slide out and comes standard with a queen-sized mattress with a TV and a wardrobe on the side. The front of the trailer provides an additional slide out, which allows for dual bunk beds, with step storage in between, a wardrobe, and another TV nook. A unique feature of this trailer is its offer of an outside kitchen when the weather is nice, ideal for BBQ nights. This trailer’s sleep capacity is up to eight people. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating is 10,250 lbs, and its Dry Weight is 7,840 lbs.

10. Jayco Flight 2019 29RKS

This particular floor model is very unique and offers many options for the sorts of amenities and nicer touches than most towable trailers can offer. The interior comes in a variety of options, so you can choose your color scheme in toffee, saddle, or sterling, all vibrant light to dark fog, depending on how you want to accentuate. The center of this trailer includes the entertainment area, with a sofa that easily expands to an extra bed, the dinette offering options (you can choose dual booths or chairs and table). Across from the dinette, there are two theater-like seats, expanding the living space further.

Overhead cabinets are included all throughout, including above the sofa, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. The rear end includes the bathroom with a shower bin, a sink counter top, and a toilet. Past the bathroom is the bedroom, with a slide-out that converts to a queen-sized mattress and comes with dual wardrobes on both ends of the room. The very distinctive feature of this trailer is its option to add a patio door. This trailer is best fit for an occupancy of four to five individuals. The Gross Vehicle Weight Rating of this model trailer is 9,500 lbs, and its Dry Weight is 6,895 lbs.

Custom Built RVs

In today’s market, many manufacturers give the option of building your own customized RV, as well as custom building one yourself from the comfort of your home—assuming of course that you have the shop capacity to do so. This allows the freedom of adding or removing specifics based on your preferences. The options range from building a custom travel trailer, fifth wheels, toy hauler travel trailer, toy hauler fifth wheels, park trailers, class A motorhomes, class C motorhomes and toy hauler motorhomes, among others.

The expenses of custom building your own RV, whether through a manufacturer or at home, varies widely—depending on factors including the model chosen as your base, the manufacturer and engine system, its size, its weight, its interior decor, and what sort of amenities and interior design you have in mind. Wisely invest time in determining the specifications and the exact requirements of your dream RV, as well as what that might cost you, to determine if it might fit in your budget.

11. Custom Built through a Manufacturer

When choosing a manufacturer to build your custom RV, it is critical to consider the importance of research on different manufacturers in today’s market, for quality, capacity, and budget purposes. First, acknowledge your needs and determine the lifestyle desired. That will direct you towards the class and frame to be selected. The next step is determining the brand model and the floor plan of the custom RV. Choose the construction standards, the exterior design, and exterior features.

Once those steps are completed comes the fun part, and that is the interior design. This is the part where you truly embrace the chance to add your taste and style into a unique vibrant feel in your dream RV. Everything from flooring to cabinetry, material, and comfort come into play here, as will your budget. Critical to remember are the details and preferences of the kitchen galley, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Slide-outs may be added if preferred, for additional space, should that fit in your budget.

12. Custom Built at Home

The option to custom build an RV is brilliant. Not many, however, consider building one themselves at the comfort of their own home. Plenty of thought is required and it may be more time consuming than having one built from a manufacturer. You will likely need help as well, depending on your own skills. To start, you will need a utility trailer that will work with the space you desire, and you will need to draw a floor plan that fits with the utility trailer chosen. Choose windows, vents, and take measurements for cutting dimensions. As far as materials, you will need at the very least a wall saw, exterior sealant, subfloor material, and more.

Keep in mind, too, that when wiring is installed, you may need to subcontract with a professional electrician, just as you may need to do other subcontracting as well, such as with the plumbing, to ensure everything is done correctly and according to code. Keep all of this in mind as you design the interior based on your preference and needs. It is critical to get well informed on the law requirements for motor vehicles in your area and seek a vehicle license, as well.